Accessibility Certified Staff

students in cafe facing glass wall



Alvin Daniel
Office of Information Technology
Monitoring Engineer
Grace Davis
Campus Life
Program Coordinator, Women's Center

I wanted to become certified because I work with our website, social media, and graphic design team and I know I have a lot to learn about digital accessibility. My position is also primarily student facing, so when designing programs I wanted to have more of an accessible lens in mind.

John Delap
Office of the Provost
Diversity & Inclusion Project Analyst
Gissoo Doroudian
Greg Duncan
Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education
Digital Media and Communications Manager
Jean Durbin, JD
Office of the VP for Finance and Treasurer
Contracts Manager, Procurement Services

A sense of belonging and connection are necessary for us to be healthy humans. A focus on accessibility fosters connection that yields practical societal benefits as well as emotional and mental health benefits. By facilitating inclusion, we increase the potential for individual growth through education, training, jobs and general participation in society. Such connection and inclusion are natural drivers of innovation and creativity.