Accessibility Certified Staff

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Nicole Fischer
University Advancement
Manager, Digital Services, Advancement Communications

I took this certificate program to develop a better understanding of accessibility, specifically in the digital space. With this knowledge, I can better serve my team at Princeton and make impactful decisions that will better serve individuals with disabilities.

Mona Fixdal, PhD
McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Associate Director for Online Education

My group creates fully online courses (MOOCs) for learners around the world. Over the past 5 years we have had over 2 million people from more than 190 countries enrolled in our courses. Our learners can be everything from young grade school kids or college students, to adult learners and retirees. They have very different language skills, abilities and social and economic backgrounds. I want to make sure we create an inclusive environment for all of these learners, and that we do everything we can to give them equal or equivalent access access to our content. The CPACC certification has helped me be better able to achieve that goal.