Accessibility Certified Staff

Princeton staff in a wide variety of roles have earned professional certification in accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. The University's training program develops staff awareness and competence in disability and accessibility so that IT, the physical campus, and services become increasingly accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

Staff who earn certification become part of Princeton's community of disability allies, and have regular opportunities to further their professional development and gather for events.


Katie Remus
Office of Information Technology
Associate Director, Talent Development

As a learning and development specialist, creating an accessible learning experience is a critical element that extends across all facets of my role. The certification and content that I have learned will enable me to develop and deliver learning programs that serve all learners.

Patrick Richichi
Engineering and Applied Science
Senior Tech Support Specialist

“The web is a resource to all and must be made available to all. As contributors and developers, it is our responsibility to be sure that the sites we develop and review are accessible. As someone who has worked with individuals with disabilities and has a technical background, I feel it is my duty to use the certification I have attained to…