Website Quality Assurance Tools

Beyond its design and interaction, the accessibility of a website depends on the quality of its content. 

Princeton provides two tools for content quality assurance:

  • The Editoria11y plugin, which is integrated into content editing tools to provide instant feedback for content editors
  • The DubBot website monitoring service, described below, that automatically checks sites for key issues related to accessibility, including image alt text, content structure, broken links and spelling errors

Website Accessibility Monitoring

This service checks websites four times a year for common issues. Website owners receive a summary report after each check, and can log in at any time to a dashboard that shows each issue in context in the page, and provides various tools to help find, understand and fix these issues.

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Screens & Tasks

  • 0:00 Dashboard
  • 0:41 Lists of issues
  • 0:58 See issue on page
  • 1:39 A false positive
  • 1:55 Fixing issues
  • 3:57 Assigning tasks
  • 5:11 Getting help
  • 5:59 Switching sites

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