Editoria11y Improves Website Content as it is Entered

Written by
John Jameson
March 1, 2023

Two years ago we developed and introduced the Editoria11y accessibility checker to help website authors fix accessibility issues as they enter content. The tool automatically checks content and provides instant feedback and guidance. Version 2 introduces new capabilities and provides even more feedback. Editoria11y is available on University Drupal websites and will soon be available on WordPress sites.

The tool is making an impact on Princeton's ability to make its websites accessible to people with disabilities, more quickly and consistently, by ensuring content is accessible at the time it is entered. Editoria11y represents a major shift from the existing and more time-consuming process of checking for accessibility after content is published.

Editoria11y is a turnkey solution that has been recognized as a ground-breaking new tool to improve website accessibility. It is currently used by over 2,000 websites beyond Princeton.

Feedback from campus partners directed Editoria11y's redesign, including:

  • A dashboard that provides a site-wide report
  • Tooltips include inline examples
  • Customizable themes
  • Improved integration capabilities

To help us make even more improvements, please explore the checker library demo or the Drupal integration demo, and send in any bug reports and feature requests.