Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)

With the adoption of WCAG 2.0 in many countries, there is an increased demand for web developers, designers and other professionals with knowledge of web accessibility standards and guidelines. With this growth comes the need for an objectively verified level of expertise. The Web Accessibility Specialist exam will provide individuals and employers with the ability to assess web accessibility competence.

The Technical-level credential is intended for accessibility professionals who are expected to evaluate the accessibility of existing content or objects according to published technical standards and guidelines, and provide detailed remediation recommendations.  They are expected to know and use the relevant technologies, not merely be aware of them. 

  • Damian Sian CPACC, WAS

    "Web Accessibility is tied directly to fairness, diversity, inclusion, and equity. I've dedicated my professional career to providing equal access to all, regardless of ability, and that is a great feeling. I chose the path to certification with the IAAP because I valued the curriculum that challenged me to deepen and broaden my understanding of accessibility."

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