Campus Subject Matter Experts

At Princeton University we are working to decentralize Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for ICT accessibility. In that effort we have created an accessibility certification program in conjunction with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). This certification program at Princeton is meant to increase the acumen of the University community and place experts into the support roles for departments across the campus. 

Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

  • Mary Albert, CPACC

  • Michael Bino, CPACC

    • Michael Bino, CPACC
      • Operations Research and Financial Engineering
      • Manager of Information Technology
  • Josh Cartagena, CPACC

    • Josh Cartagena, CPACC
      • Engineering Communications, School of Engineering and Applied Science
      • Web and Technical Services Specialist
  • John Cloys, CPACC

  • Cathy Cuff, CPACC

  • Mona Fixdal, CPACC

    • Mona Fixdal, CPACC
      • Associate Director for Online Education
      • The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Lingyan He, CPACC

  • John Hewins, CPACC

  • Wanda Holovacs, CPACC

  • John Jameson '04, CPACC

  • Justin Kazlauskas, CPACC

  • Joseph Keane, CPACC

  • Jeffrey Kontio, CPACC

  • Charles Leonardi, CPACC

  • Axa Mei Liauw, CPACC

  • Jessica Monaco, CPACC

  • Eugenia Moore, CPACC

  • Jill Moraca, CPACC

  • Michael Muzzie, CPACC

  • Marija Naumoski, CPACC

  • Dino Palomares, CPACC

  • Patrick Richichi, CPACC

  • Sumit Saluja, CPACC

  • Michelle Scott, CPACC

  • Helen Shpits, CPACC

  • Linda Silber, CPACC

  • Susan Spraragen, CPACC

  • Byron Veale, CPACC

  • Daniel Veith, CPACC

    • Daniel Veith, CPACC
      • Department of Electrical Engineering and Survey Research Center
      • Web Developer/ Technical Support Specialist

Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)

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