Jon Niola

Department of Art and Archaeology
Technical Support Analyst / Manager

I originally became interested in accessibility when I started learning more about equity. I felt that any society that doesn’t put in the effort to give everyone a chance to participate is failing. I began working on making my own web sites more accessible and began to participate in various meetups. One meetup that was really an awakening moment was when we had people from the NJ Division of the Blind come by and an actual blind user did a demonstration of accessing a web site with his screenreader. Seeing how awful an experience some web sites are for disabled users was something I figured I could contribute to fixing, at least for web sites I am responsible for. So now every time we add a new feature or functionality to our web application, accessibility is one of the first things we consider in the design phase. We have been going through a review process with Perkins Access to ensure that we are meeting our goals for accessibility.