Marija Naumoski CPACC

McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Senior Instructional Designer
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Peter B. Lewis Library

"I see a11y as a basic human right. The moment I saw disability through the lens of the social model, I wanted to be part of the ongoing process of removing barriers that restrict choices of disabled people. 

We are all responsible to create societies in which all individuals enjoy their rights to a meaningful societal, political, economic, social, and cultural life.

In the Online Learning Environments at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, we create web content on a daily basis. Creating this web content, our online courses, with accessibility in mind, contributes to our dedication to inclusive, high-quality education. 

In a way, getting the CPACC was part of the natural process of adopting accessibility in our daily work and planning processes. 

In addition of the altruistic benefits, for me the CPACC skills are an important and practical way to contribute to the work we do."