Mary Albert CPACC

User Experience Office
Associate Director
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693 Alexander Road

"Improving the accessibility of information technology is work that makes a difference in people’s lives. Fully participating in modern life requires using technology. It is needed for everyday practicalities such as banking and grocery shopping, for improving one’s prospects by gaining an education, for finding and keeping a job, and for forging and strengthening social and cultural connections. And it turns out that designing for accessibility means improving the experience for all users. It helps us to simplify and clarify, and to reduce cognitive and physical load. It makes pages load more quickly and improves search engine results. It makes us more careful about how we structure, describe and place things, and about how we test, launch, manage and change. All of which adds up to our work having a direct positive impact on the people who study, work, and use the knowledge created here. It proves that our actions can change the world."