Michelle Scott CPACC

Web Development Services
Content Strategist
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693 Alexander Road

"There are many reasons I chose to become certified, but here's what I'll tell you. For the past year, I've lived in a retirement community with my mother so I see people with all kinds of disabilities every single day. Because I'm so young, everyone knows me and they always bring their computers to my mom's house. They assume that because I'm young, I must be good with computers, and they're lucky, because I am just good enough with computers!

As a UX Designer, watching people interact and struggle with computers has always motivated me to try anything to make their interactions easier. Easier to understand, easier to navigate, easier to make decisions. They deserve to be more autonomous when checking their bank accounts or trying to find out what their insurance covers.

I chose to become certified because I want to learn more ways to incorporate accessible design into every project I touch. It is my ethical responsibility to design for all, and my certifications brings me one step closer to achieving that."