Current Certificants

  • Mary Albert, MS, CPACC

      • Office of Information Technology
      • Associate Director, Digital Accessibility
    Mary Albert headshot
  • Michael Bino, CPACC

      • Operations Research and Financial Engineering
      • Manager of Information Technology
    Michael Bino headshot
  • Josh Cartagena, CPACC

      • Engineering Communications, School of Engineering and Applied Science
      • Web and Technical Services Specialist
    Josh Cartagena headshot
  • John Cloys, CPACC

      • Woodrow Wilson School
      • Web Services Manager
    John Cloys headshot
  • Cathy Cuff, CPACC

      • Woodrow Wilson School
      • IT Director
    Cathy Cuff headshot
  • Mona Fixdal, CPACC

      • Associate Director for Online Education
      • The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
    Mona Fixdal headshot.
  • Lingyan He, CPACC

      • Web Development Services
      • Web Designer
    Ling He headshot
  • John Hewins, CPACC

      • Undergraduate Admission
      • Department Office Support III
    John Hewins headshot
  • Wanda Holovacs, CPACC

      • McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
      • Program Coordinator
    Wanda Holovacs headshot
  • John Jameson '04, CPWA

      • Office of Information Technology
      • Digital Accessibility Developer
    John Jameson headshot.
  • Justin Kazlauskas, CPACC

      • Departmental Computer Support Specialist
    Headshot of Justin Kazlauskas
  • Joseph Keane, CPACC

      • Research and Project Administration
      • Application Delivery Specialist
    Joseph Keane headshot
  • Jeffrey Kontio, CPACC

      • Technical Support Manager
      • Department of Politics
    Jeffrey Kontio headshot.
  • Charles Leonardi, CPACC

      • French and Italian (FIT)
      • Departmental Computing Support Specialist
    Charles A. Leonardi headshot
  • Axa Mei Liauw, CPACC

      • Library Web Developer
      • Princeton University Library
    Axa Mei Liauw headshot.
  • Jessica Monaco, CPACC

      • Web Development Services
      • Manager, Web Design & Content Strategy
    Jessica Monaco headshot
  • Eugenia Moore, CPACC

      • Computer Support Specialist
      • Industrial Relations Section
    Eugenia Moore headshot.
  • Jill Moraca, CPACC

      • Web Development Services
      • Senior Manager
    Jill Moraca headshot
  • Michael Muzzie, CPACC

      • Web Development Services
      • Manager, Web Development
    Michael Muzzie headshot.
  • Marija Naumoski, CPACC

      • McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
      • Instructional Designer
    Marija Naumoski headshot
  • Dino Palomares, CPACC

      • University Services
      • Web Content Administrator
    Dino Palomares headshot
  • Patrick Richichi, CPACC

      • Office of Information Technology, Support Services
      • SCAD/DCS Support Specialist
    Patrick Richichi headshot
  • Sumit Saluja, CPACC

      • Physics
      • System Administrator
    Sumit Saluja headshot
  • Michelle Scott, CPACC

      • Web Development Services
      • Content Strategist
    Michelle Scott headshot
  • Helen Shpits, CPACC

      • Service Management Office
      • ServiceNow System Administrator
    Helen Shpits headshot
  • Linda Silber, CPACC

      • Database Services Manager
      • Woodrow Wilson School
    Linda Silber headshot.
  • Susan Spraragen, CPACC

      • Sr. User Experience Researcher
      • User Experience Office
    Susan Spraragen headshot.
  • Byron Veale, CPACC

      • Developer
      • Web Development Services
      • Office of Information Technology
    Byron Veale
  • Daniel Veith, CPACC

      • Department of Electrical Engineering and Survey Research Center
      • Web Developer/ Technical Support Specialist
    Daniel Veith headshot